Warm Up This Winter Around a Custom Fireplace

Warm Up This Winter Around a Custom Fireplace

Get a fireplace installation in Brunswick, OH

A fireplace installation is a great way to complete a living area. When you choose Manfred Masonry, LLC in Brunswick, OH, you'll get a high level of craftsmanship for your project. Your household will enjoy the appeal of your custom fireplace for years to come. We can construct a new fireplace or modernize an existing one with natural stone accents.

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3 reasons to install a fireplace

Whether you get an indoor or outdoor fireplace installation, there will be many benefits for your home. A custom fireplace can:

  1. Increase your home's property value
  2. Improve the aesthetic appeal of a room
  3. Boost your home's energy efficiency

We specialize in expertly crafted brick and mortar wood burning fireplaces, but we can handle any fireplace project.

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